Swisse New Zealand

It’s been an incredible journey over the last 50 years, a time of exploration, discovery, excitement and courage. An unwavering search across the globe to find world-class ingredients, an ongoing evolution to stay at the forefront of innovation and a never-changing commitment to support and lead change within the wellness industry. They've proudly done all this and more, so they can continue to create what sits at the very heart of Swisse. Premium quality products that support and assist wellbeing and health.
Who is Kevin Ring?
Kevin Ring’s desire to help billions of people around the world become healthier and happier is still at the very heart of Swisse’s DNA. They have spent years visiting the furthest corners of the globe to source premium ingredients and develop innovative concepts, resulting in over 200 products that now make up the Swisse range. They are thrilled to share their expertise and offerings with you, to assist you in your own journey towards health and happiness.
A journey of wellness: Swisse through the years
From a little shop in Collingwood, Australia, to a global business that impacts millions across the world through premium wellness support. Swisse’s personal Quest has been an incredible journey that has spanned half a century.
The science of Swisse:
They pride themselves on the development and manufacture of scientifically validated products.
Partnerships & Research:
Swisse is committed to making a significant contribution to the evidence base of complementary medicine and nutraceutical research. Swisse is dedicated to product innovation and development. They partner with leading academics, universities and research institutes to stay abreast of emerging and evolving science within the industry.
Swisse Quest:
The most amazing ingredients from nature aren’t always the easiest to find. At Swisse, they are dedicated to searching the globe for rich ingredients that help you make the most of life.

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