About Us

Welcome to HealthPorter NZ

Who we are:
We are New Zealand's leading vitamins & supplements online store, 100% NZ Owned & Operated.

What we do:
We provide a wide range of categories such as vitamins & supplements, healthcare solutions, natural beauty, personal care as well as baby & pregnancy.
We are on a mission to continuously supply the right supplements or products at very competitive price along with superior online customer service to every kiwi in New Zealand for healthier living and reduction in healthcare cost.
HealthPorter is staffed by a team of dedicated Nutritionists, Health Professionals and Website Development team and operating continuously under the same management since 2012 and has served thousands satisfied customers.
We always strive to create a healthy environment by encouraging transparency, integrity, hard work and excellence in all aspects of service and product quality.

What our customers enjoy:
AMAZING OFFERS & DISCOUNTS on supplements, cosmetics and other healthcare products.
Super fast website & super fast loading speed.
Website is easy to use & very user friendly.
Fast shipping & overnight courier service with tracking.
Easy checkout & make payment easier.

Why HealthPorter?
Fast Website: Thanks to our dedicated professional website development team, we continue to provide fast loading pages in order to improve user experience for every single visitor to our site. We also provide friendly and easy one page checkout. Please continue to watch the space as more features are coming up.
Quality Brands: We always keep our references checking up to date and only source and stock high quality brands for our clients. We also try very hard to provide correct and detailed product information for every single product in our site. We wish everyone can have healthier living.
Competitive Price: We compare prices online and always try our best to provide the most competitive prices or offers at all time to our valuable customers. We focus more on volume rather than margin when selling online by passing on all the discounts from the suppliers to our valuable buyers.
Fast Delivery: As a NZ family business, we are running a tight ship in our warehouse. We are always doing the best we can to ensure all the parcels leave our door in the shortest possible time. We only use overnight courier service with tracking system in place to ensure safe and fast delivery.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer service team between Monday to Friday 10am till 5pm.
Alternatively, live chat with us on our website during the working hours on any working days.
HealthPorter NZ is situated at North Shore, Hauraki, Auckland.
You can contact us through email on orders@healthporter.co.nz or call us at 022 370 8818.

Kind Regards,