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Nature's Sunshine ALJ 100 Capsules

NZD21.50 NZD33.90

Nature’s Sunshine ALJ 100 CapsulesBenefits:ALJ is an excellent respiratory formula for relieving sinus and upper respiratory congestion associated with allergies. ALJ contains herbs which stimulate perspiration and the production of mucosal fluids to remove allergens and other toxins. ALJ also supports circulation, soothes inflamed tissues, enhance..

Nature's Sunshine Cascara Sagrada 100 Capsules

NZD20.99 NZD32.90

Nature’s Sunshine Cascara Sagrada 100 CapsulesBenefits:Cascara sagrada, or sacred bark, is one of Nature’s Sunshine’s most popular and best-selling herbal products. The bark has been used by cultures around the world as a nutritional support for proper waste elimination. Cascara sagrada acts as a herbal laxative, influences intestinal contraction a..

Nature's Sunshine Chlorophyll Liquid 475ml

NZD24.99 NZD39.90

Nature's Sunshine Chlorophyll Liquid 475mlNature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll is a nutritious and delicious, mint flavoured green superfood. This powerful formula helps promote the natural cleansing, alkalising and detoxifying functions of the body and can act as an internal deordoriser.Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll is easy for the body to ..

Nature's Sunshine Ginger 100 Capsules

NZD22.50 NZD32.50

Nature’s Sunshine Ginger 100 CapsulesGinger has long been used in traditional medicine to assist with digestive conditions including nausea and motion sickness.Ginger also provides warming, circulatory properties providing peripheral circulation, including  cold hands & feet. Indication for use:Support the digestive system and stomach comf..

Nature's Sunshine Hawthorn Berries 100 Capsules

NZD25.50 NZD31.90

Nature's Sunshine Hawthorn Berries 100 CapsulesHawthorn is known as the heart herb for its many benefits as a heart tonic.Studies confirm the use of hawthorn berries to support a healthy heart beat and to maintain blood pressure already within the normal range.Indication for use:Supports heart and circulatory healthSupport for healthy veins, capill..

Nature's Sunshine HS II 100 Capsules

NZD20.99 NZD33.50

Nature’s Sunshine HS II 100 CapsulesBenefits:HS II  provides benefits to the circulatory system by helping strengthen and support cardiac function and assisting in helping stimulate coronary blood flow. HS II may be helpful in strengthening chronic weaknesses of the circulatory system.Available in capsule or powdered form.Indications for Use:P..

Nature's Sunshine Kelp 100 Capsules

NZD25.99 NZD32.90

Nature's Sunshine Kelp 100 CapsulesKelp is a valuable sea vegetable especially high in iodine, essential for proper thyroid gland function and metabolism.Kelp also helps to support healthy kidney function and hormone balance, especially relating to the thyroid gland.Kelp's rich supply of nutrients supports healthy digestion, respiration and  i..

Nature's Sunshine LBS ll 100 Capsules

NZD20.50 NZD34.90

Nature’s Sunshine LBS ll 100 CapsulesBenefits:LBS II contains a blend of herbs which help to stimulate the production of digestive fluids and bile to promote peristaltic action in the colon. LBS II may also help to relax abdominal cramping and spasms, enhance liver function, purify the blood, neutralise acidic conditions, destroy intestinal parasit..

Nature's Sunshine Maca 90 Capsules

NZD34.99 NZD40.50

Nature’s Sunshine Maca 90 CapsulesMaca may help address the needs of the glandular system to provide a natural means for improving sexual desire and performance.Maca provides properties known to support stress, physical strength,  energy, stamina and endurance.Due to its rich source of sterols, it may support sexual desire, fertility and perfo..

Nature's Sunshine pH Test Strips 100

NZD29.99 NZD34.90

Nature’s Sunshine pH Test Strips 100100 pH Test StripsTest your salivary and urinary pH levels at home with these convenient test strips.Indications for use:A convenient way to test pH levelsDirections:Remove one pH test strip from package.Do not touch colored area.Insert pH test strip into urine or saliva.Remove & promptly compare with enclose..

Nature's Sunshine Psyllium Hulls 100 Capsules

NZD21.99 NZD33.50

Nature’s Sunshine Psyllium Hulls 100 CapsulesBenefits:Psyllium hulls have one of the highest levels of soluble fibre known—much more than that of oat bran. Encapsulated psyllium hulls are a convenient way to add essential fibre to the daily diet. Psyllium hulls can play an important part in helping the body maintain cholesterol levels that are alre..

Nature's Sunshine Red Yeast Rice 120 Capsules

NZD31.50 NZD52.50

Nature’s Sunshine Red Yeast Rice 120 CapsulesBenefits:Red yeast rice is a natural byproduct of fermented red rice that supports the body’s normal ability to maintain normal-range cholesterol levels. It supports the liver in its efforts to regulate the release of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Those using red rice products should supplement with ..

Nature's Sunshine Saw Palmetto 100 Capsules

NZD22.50 NZD35.50

Nature’s Sunshine Saw Palmetto 100 CapsulesBenefits:The berries of the Saw Palmetto plant are prized for their ability to help support a healthy prostate. They may also help manage the pain and inflammation associated with an enlarged prostate. Indications for Use:May support the  glandular system.May help to support prostate health.Helps to b..

Nature's Sunshine Siberian Ginseng 100 Capsules

NZD29.99 NZD31.90

Nature’s Sunshine Siberian Ginseng 100 CapsulesSiberian Ginseng is found in the Siberian province of Russia where the root is not harvested until it is two or more years old. The older the root, the higher the value.Ginseng is considered an adaptogenic herb used to support against stress, healthy energy levels, endurance and libido.Indications for ..

Nature's Sunshine Slippery Elm 100 Capsules

NZD22.99 NZD36.50

Nature’s Sunshine Slippery Elm 100 CapsulesBenefits:Slippery elm is rich in nutrients, easy to digest and soothing to the digestive system. For centuries people have used it to support the digestive system and to maintain regular waste elimination. Available in capsule or powdered form.Indications for Use:Supports healthy digestion.Soothes the dige..

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