A journey to the center of the cell.
To understand their story, you first need to understand some of the science behind it. So let’s spend a couple of minutes getting reacquainted with some introductory biology.
Mitochondria are the tiny power-plants inside almost all of our 37 trillion cells, working hard to produce the energy we need every day. However, the cellular energy generation process produces a potentially damaging by-product, called a free radical. Free radicals can cause wear and tear on the mitochondria, which can lead to less energy being produced. To make matters worse, if the mitochondrial wall is also compromised, some free radicals can leak into the cell and damage the delicate equipment within it. 
To neutralize this potential damage, mitochondria stack themselves with a naturally-produced antioxidant called CoQ10, which they use to line the mitochondrial walls with a defensive barrier. But as we age, the level of CoQ10 produced inside our mitochondria declines. When the level of CoQ10 declines to a point where it cannot counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, we place our cells in a state of oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress can compromise our ability to generate energy, as well as make us more susceptible to illness. In fact, oxidative stress can be a significant cause of a number of serious health conditions, including seven of the top ten most costly to human life.
So being able to limit free radical damage at the source is a good idea.
How was MitoQ discovered?
The MitoQ story began in a science lab at Otago University, New Zealand in the 1990s. Biochemist, Robin Smith and Mitochondrial Specialist, Michael Murphy, were studying mitochondria and trying to understand why taking antioxidant supplements, like CoQ10, were proving to be ineffective cures for certain diseases.
What they discovered was that regular CoQ10 supplements were too big to penetrate the very selective mitochondrial wall and whilst these supplements got into the blood-stream, they were unable to get into the mitochondria itself.
So, their scientists set about trying to create molecules that could accumulate directly inside the mitochondria and in doing so, create a more effective and powerful antioxidant.
The result of this research was a remarkable discovery: the scientists figured out how to create a shortened version of CoQ10 and give it a positive charge; the effect of these modifications were unique:
The new, positively charged molecule was instantly attractive to the negatively charged mitochondria; and
As a result of being a smaller compound, the molecule was able to pass directly through the mitochondrial wall and into the body of the mitochondria.
This provided a payload of free radical defense right where it was needed most and as a result, helped to support the cell and optimize the energy production process.
The discovery was initially called MitoQ10.  Today, it is known as MitoQ®.
“We need energy to do the work of cells—our muscle cells, brain cells, kidney cells—everything needs energy.”  - Mike Murphy, co-creator of MitoQ.
By restoring the mitochondrial free radical defense system, our scientists realized that MitoQ® could help achieve a double benefit: supercharging mitochondrial performance, helping to maintain optimal energy production; and reducing the risk of free radical leakage into the cell, helping to protect the equipment from potential damage and prolonging cell life.
MitoQ® for sale:
Their first product, MitoQ Cellular Energizing Cream Serum, was launched in Paris in 2012.
A year later saw the development of their supplement range, beginning with MitoQ® 5mg (original) – the world’s first antioxidant supplement to directly target the mitochondria.
From there, they realized that MitoQ® could be combined with additional ingredients, presenting a unique opportunity to target specific aspects of health and well-being. Their range was expanded to include new formulas, combining their base MitoQ® product, with some carefully selected, premium ingredients, such as Longvida® Curcumin - to support healthy brain and digestive function, Siliphos Milk Thistle – to support healthy liver function; and Green Lip Mussel Extract – to support healthy joint function.
In 2017, their Advanced Skincare Range was introduced using world renowned skincare ingredients from Sederma to target overall skin health.
The world is now waking up to the importance of mitochondrial health and the remarkable discovery of MitoQ®.
To date, over $60 million has been spent, and over 350 reviews and studies have been published, investigating the positive effect of MitoQ® across a variety of health-related subjects.
At MitoQ®, they are passionate about helping people revitalize, re-energize and rejuvenate every cell in their body, so they can thrive in their world.  And for less than the price of a good cup of coffee per day, anyone can benefit from the amazing long-term properties of MitoQ® and have confidence that they are doing the best they can for their health.

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