Hope's Relief

Hope’s Relief New Zealand is the distributor of Hope’s Relief products for Body and Soul Health Products who are based in Australia. Malcolm Lynch, the owner of Body and Soul shares his story below:
“Body and Soul Health Products Pty Ltd is a family business, and their valued customers are at the heart of all that they do. They are devoted to natural ingredients and making a positive difference to people’s lives.
Growing up with eczema:
As a child, I suffered from severe eczema for nearly 10 years, and I can fully understand just how it can impact upon your life, and of those around you. My parents tried so many different products, eating programs and specialists in search of relief for my itchy-scratchy skin. I recall heading off to school on a regular basis with my legs covered in cream and wrapped up in glad wrap! I was worried about making scrunching noises as I walked down the corridors. Even to this very day, my parents look back at that time with sadness, and remember the feeling of helplessness as they watched their child try to cope with eczema.
Devoted to natural and organic ingredients:
Yet this experience shaped my direction in life, and for that I am truly thankful. I’ve spent the last thirty years working in the natural products industry, and just love to see the positive difference quality natural products can make to people’s lives. The Hope’s Relief skin care range embraces this power of nature’s botanicals to get results.
Body and Soul, a Queensland family business:
In 2006, I founded Body and Soul Health Products. They head office is on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. My wife Julie and I have complementary backgrounds in natural skin care, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and they’ve gathered a team of enthusiastic natural health experts that share their values and commitment to making a positive difference.
The cream was originally created to help a mother’s daughter that had eczema. The formula took over two years of research and trials in a naturopath’s clinic to arrive at the current formulation. The initial request was for a product with natural ingredients and no steroids to help relieve the symptoms of eczema. Soon the results with the daughter led to the cream being offered to other people with eczema and psoriasis to try.
Customers soon raved about the results, and word soon spread. More and more people used the product and got results and the rest as they say is history. It is now available throughout Australia and New Zealand in over 5000 pharmacies and health food stores.
After suffering so long as a child, I just wanted to see this product help as many people as possible, so they brought this formula under the Body and Soul Health products umbrella and launched it to market Australia-wide. Not knowing it would also attract worldwide international attention.
Word of the Hope’s Relief premium eczema cream even spread overseas and it is now available in over 10 countries. How this network came about was simple, international visitors tried it, got results and loved it so much they wanted to share it with their home countries.
The success of Hope’s Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream has enabled them to expand the range to ten complementary quality natural products: an all over body and face moisturiser, body wash, cleansing bars and scalp care, barrier lotion, soothing Gel Lotion and Topical Spray. Their focus is on products that not only relieve, but are natural, non-toxic and skin-friendly.
Their mission is to share the benefits of naturally active ingredients with as many people as we can. One of their greatest joys is receiving letters or emails and photos from parents emotionally telling them how Hope’s Relief products have helped their babies or children. This is something very close to their own hearts.
They will continue to explore new ingredients and natural products to help make a happy difference to people’s lives.”

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