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SwimSeal Ear Drops 7.5ml


SwimSeal Ear Drops 7.5mlThe drop that stop water from causing painful earsCoats the ear canalPrevents trapped waterDirections:Shake well before use.Put 2-3 drops into each ear before water exposure.Reapply after 2 hours of water exposure.The unique formula of SwimSeal acts as a barrier against water in the external ear canal.Warnings:For use in ear..

Vosol Swimmer’s Ear Ear Drops 35ml


Vosol Swimmer’s Ear Ear Drops 35ml Complete care for Swimmer’s Ear Ear Drops Treats & Prevents Vosol treats and prevents the painful ear infection “swimmer’s ear” by absorbing moisture, killing harmful bacteria and inhibiting fungal growth. When using VOSOL for preventative use, simply place 2 drops in each ear, morning and even..

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