KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Masks
KN95 Face Masks, featuring 5 layers of protection, these are ideal for the covid 19 outbreak for better protection.
KN95 Masks filter out very fine particles—the 95 refers to the fact they filter at least 95% of airborne particles—and are more effective at preventing the transmission of airborne infectious agents.
KN95 masks are made from five layers of filters, and use a mechanical filter to block up to 95 per cent of harmful particles – hence the ‘95’ in its name.
KN95 masks look a lot like N95s at first glance, but they feature a seam down the middle that makes it possible to fold the masks in half. The masks use ear loops to secure your face covering.
These face masks can offer hours of protection when in high-risk indoor settings where there is no or little ventilation. They have a very tight seal around the face, with the fit being snug on all sides of your face.
You can keep a stock of them, wear them once, then set aside for four days before re-using.

KN95 Face Masks Black Single


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