Microheal Epicyn Scar Reducing Silicone Gel 45g

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Microheal Epicyn Scar Reducing Silicone Gel 45gEpicynTreat scars right from the startEpicyn® is part of the MicroHeal range of products and is uniquely formulated to improve new and existing scars, both hypertrophic and keloid...

Active Ingredients:

Epicyn is a unique formulation containing a very low concentration of several super-oxidised components, known as MicroHeal technology along with medical grade silicone gel.

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Product Description

Microheal Epicyn Scar Reducing Silicone Gel 45g

Treat scars right from the start
Epicyn® is part of the MicroHeal range of products and is uniquely formulated to improve new and existing scars, both hypertrophic and keloid. International Guidelines recommend silicone as the number 1 treatment for reducing thee appearance and characterisitcis of scars.
Epicyn silicone gel containing MicroHeal technology has been tested head to head with simple silicone products. Epicyn treated scars had a greater improvement, making Epicyn your first choice!

Use Epicyn to improve:
Scar height
Scar associated Pain and Itch
Pliability (the flexibility of your skin)
Vascularity (the blood supply to your skin)

Each pack of Epicyn contains 45g of silicone + MicroHeal gel. For best results use Epicyn right from the start to minimise scar formation.
If you have existing scars don’t worry, Epicyn is clinically proven to improve existing scars so you can be confident in its use and results. Epicyn is available without a prescription from your local pharmacy.

How to Use:
For best results apply Epicyn to the scar twice daily.
Apply directly to the scar and massage in gently for 1-2 minutes. You will notice Epicyn leaves a thin barrier or layer on your scar – this is helpful for its action, do not wash it off or remove.  No need to cover or dress the ite, Epicyn dries quickly so will not rub off on your clothes.
Continue to use Epicyn for 12 weeks.

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