The Good Vitamin Co

At The Good Vitamin Co. they have researched and developed our unique soft chew vitamin range that we believe will benefit kids and adults health, and wellness! Their soft chew range is Halal certified, gluten free, and contains no harmful allergens such as: dairy, egg, or nuts. Their formulas are non-sugar coated, and has no artificial colours or flavours.
Their mission is simple: To enhance your families health and wellness by changing the way you take traditional vitamins! They make soft chew vitamins that are kids taste test approved! Convenient for on the go, and most importantly fun! They believe their kids deserve the best, and so as adults! That’s why when it comes to choosing a vitamin supplement, they've produced soft-chew vitamins that contain natural ingredients, packed full of goodness.
Our inspiring New Zealand
They are proudly New Zealand owned company. And each product is inspired by the prestige lands of their New Zealand environment that they are proud to call home. They live and breathe this inspiration, and promise to truly deliver the goodness of authentic and ethical products. Each soft chew product is formulated in New Zealand, and produced overseas for Kiwi kids and adults.
Their commitment to your safety and quality are reflected by their manufacturers rigorous quality standards, audits, inspections, and state-of-the-art technology. Their manufacturing facilities are free from major food allergens such as: gluten, dairy, egg, and nuts. These ingredients are heavily eliminated from all production and packing facilities. Their products are individually tested for quality, purity, and potency to ensure our product standards.
Their philosophy is simple, they are passionate about inspiring and encouraging parents to share the authentic message of natural health benefits with their children, helping to instil positive habits in them for a life time! They believe that by actively choosing to purchase our natural soft-chews for you and your family, you are on the way to a healthier YOU!

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