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Bon Certified Organic Tampons 16s - Super100% Certified Organic100% CottonBON is good. Good for you. Good for your family. Good for the environment.So why exactly is BON so good for you and your hoo-ha!?BON...

Active Ingredients:

100% Cotton

  • 100% Certified Organic Tampons
  • 100% Cotton Tampons

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Product Description

Bon Certified Organic Tampons 16s - Super

100% Certified Organic
100% Cotton
BON is good. Good for you. Good for your family. Good for the environment.

So why exactly is BON so good for you and your hoo-ha!?

BON eliminates the risks:
Generic tampons make use of herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and fragrances when producing their tampons. They also will often include synthetic fibres.
This not only significantly increases the risk of toxic shock syndrome, but has been known to cause skin irritations and cramps, which BON eliminates thanks to their tampons, which are 100% Certified Organic Cotton and nothing else.
Transparency is at the heart of what we do:
Tampons are classed as a medical device and are therefore not required to list the components of their tampons. This is a huge cause for concern given conventional tampon companies have been known to use chlorine in their production methods, which results in the by-product dioxin.
What are dioxins:
Dioxins are identified as a known human carcinogen and this poses a potential risk to your body by exposing your reproductive system to this toxin, especially given how absorbent this part of the body is.
What is even more concerning is that the FDA tolerates small doses of dioxins to remain present in the tampon, despite there not being enough research into the long and short term affects of these toxins on our reproductive systems.
What about our packaging:
BON has the most durable & unique packaging design on the market, with no unnecessary plastic wrapping, these packs prevent tampons from spilling out into your handbag and even withstand an accidental dunk into water!
Good for the environment:
BON organic products are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides keeping the environment clean and organic.
BON production methods help prevent the contamination of the air, water and soil around the world. BON organic growing methods prevent topsoil erosion, improve soil fertility, protects groundwater, conserves energy and deforestation. BON materials help improve the health of wildlife and ecosystems. The BON production process protects the health of applicable farm workers.

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