Active Ingredients:

Aqua 99.9%
Citrus grandis seed extract 0.1%

  • The World's Purest Baby Wipes
  • 99.9% Water and a drop of fruit extract
  • Fragrance and Alcohol Free
  • Hypoallergenic & suitable for use on newborn
  • CHEMICAL FREE 99.9% Water, 0.1% Fruit Extract
  • Allergy Friendly Product
  • Maternity & Infant Awards 2013 Winner
  • LBP Love By 2013 Winner
  • parent tested parent approved: Winner

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Product Description

Baby WaterWipes 60 Baby Wipes

The World's Purest Baby Wipes
CHEMICAL FREE 99.9% Water, 0.1% Fruit Extract
Allergy Friendly Product
Maternity & Infant Awards 2013 Winner
LBP Love By 2013 Winner
parent tested parent approved: Winner

The world’s purest and mildest baby wipes: 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract.
WaterWipes are revolutionary new baby wipes unlike any other on the market.
WaterWipes contain none of the preservatives or chemical additives that all other baby wipes contain.
WaterWipes are made from just 99.9% water, 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, and nothing else.
Preservative-free, they are kind to your baby’s skin and help avoid nappy rash and skin conditions such as eczema in babies and young children.
These pure baby wipes offer all the benefits of cotton wool and cooled boiled water, as recommended by midwives worldwide, in a handy, keep-moist re-sealable packs.

A few Tips:

WaterWipes are a fresh, natural product, free from chemicals and preservatives, therefore they should be used within 4 weeks of opening and as with all fresh products, you should reclose the label and store in a cool, dry place.
Because we don't use chemicals to "bind" the liquid to the wipes like other brands, the water can sometimes migrate to the bottom of the pack, making the top wipes feel a bit dry.
To remedy this, simply turn the closed pack over and squeeze it a few times and that will redistribute the water throughout the wipes.
Do not cut open the pack or transfer the wipes to another container.

Creator of WaterWipes:

"when out first daughter was born, she suffered with sensitive skin and developed bad nappy rash. I wanted to find out why, so i took a look at the ingredients in the baby wipes we were using.
I was shocked to learn just how many chemicals were in them - and questioned should we be putting them on her delicate skin?
I thought there had to be a better way so i set about creating a purer, natural and safe alternative. Many years later and after a lot of hard work, testing, and scientific research, the perfect baby wipes, WaterWipes were born.
As pure and gentle as cotton wool and water but as convenient as a baby wipe. Every day, in every corner of the world, new mums and dads are discovering the benefits of chemical-free, gentle and safe WaterWipes for their baby's skin, I hope you like them too."
WaterWipes Creator:Edward McClaskey

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