Percutane Pain Relief Cream may help provide relief from the pain and inflammation associated with mild arthritis, fibromyalgia and mild neuralgia/nerve pain. It may assist in the relief from pain and itching caused from the shingles rash, and assist in the management of back, neck and shoulder pain and muscular aches and pains. Percutane can assist with mobility and help relieve stiff joints. It is non greasy & quickly absorbed into the skin, it doesn't leave an unpleasant odour so you can use it anytime, anywhere.
Perc New branding uprightPercutane was developed by Warwick Lightbourne of the Cornwall Injury Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand in 1982 as a result of his work over many years with Olympians, sporting professionals and people suffering from arthritis. The formula has been fine tuned with each individual ingredient carefully selected and the quantities adjusted to create the optimum result.  The success has also spread globally with the product a worldwide brand with distribution established in Singapore, NZ, Sweden, Norway, UK & Kenya.
Percutane is manufactured at our TGA & FDA approved Australian manufacturing facilities located in Salisbury, South Australia using the finest quality ingredients to strict GMP requirements.

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