Mycota Foot Powder

USL Consumer has two major advantages over their competitors, which is why they have enjoyed long-term relationships with so many of their customers over the years.
The first is our people. The USL Consumer sales team maintains regular call cycles to keep customers abreast of new products, check in on promotions, and service accounts to make sure that their retailers are maximising their profit margins, and have all the training and information they need to sell products. All team members have expertise in the retail environment and are only a phone call away to provide advice and product knowledge. Their in-depth product training is renowned throughout the industry, and they give their customers access to educational videos and collateral so that they can talk with confidence about the range of products they offer.
Their Territory Managers pride themselves in the partnerships they hold with their customers. A strong relationship based on honesty, visibility and proven sales and marketing structure allows their customers to build their business via trusted brands that hold longevity in the market, but also new and innovative lines offering the highest efficacy.
Secondly, they believe their role is to help their customers to sell more products. With this in mind, they provide point of sale materials and relevant collateral for end-users to take away and digest. They offer tailor-made in store promotions with associated POS items to give maximum on-shelf impact.
Mycota powder contains undecenoic acid 2% and zinc undecenoate 20% and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of Athlete’s Foot.

Mycota Foot Powder 70g

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