Lifestream International Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company specialising in the manufacturing, distribution and exporting of PLANT BASED natural health products.
Lifestream has been operating since 1980 and proudly continues to be 100% New Zealand owned. They were the first company to bring Spirulina to the Australasian market and with this history comes a great deal of expertise and knowledge as well as strong market leadership.
Their Philosophy:
Lifestream is committed to providing excellent and ongoing health improvements and benefits to their customers worldwide.
They are proud to be known and respected as a company with the highest integrity that consistently uses only the finest quality ingredients to produce the most premium products on the market today.
Their partners enjoy the fact that they are specialists and are known for their expertise in plant based, wholefood nutritional supplements that provide exceptional health benefits due to their purity and quality.
Current Product Ranges:
Lifestream has enjoyed being market leader in New Zealand in both the Spirulina and Aloe Vera categories and has led the market with innovations in these segments. To this end they provide comprehensive ranges of products within both segments and their health food customers rely on them for their knowledge to train and educate their staff to assist them in selling their products. This leadership and expertise has led to a high level of loyalty with their business partners and within the trade. They enjoy ongoing recommendation of their products as a result.

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