Fitty Dent

FITTYDENT INTERNATIONAL is an Austrian company founded in 1982. They specialize in the manufacture and marketing of unique Denture Care and Oral Hygiene Products with a clearly defined USP (Unique Selling Proposition). For more than three decades they have pursued their main objective: To provide denture wearers with a feeling of freedom and security that significantly improves their quality of life! Their main product line is the fittydent Denture Adhesive System, which was developed in close cooperation with dentists and dental universities. Their company first launched the products in Austria and following the great success, fittydent was launched internationally. Today, they export to more than 68 countries worldwide. One of the main reasons behind their success it the fact that they act as family with in business partners & customers. The relation between all of them is really close and cordial. They take all requests seriously and take them to heart. Their main target group is denture wearers whose needs are not satisfied by any other denture adhesive product. Their corporate philosophy will continue to be: fittydent improves the quality of life of denture wearers! FITTYDENT INTERNATIONAL remains committed to research and development in order to continue fulfilling the requirements of their customers. Their aim is to expand their worldwide exports and their product portfolio with new and innovative products.

Fitty Dent Denture Super Adhesive 40g


Fitty Dent Super Cleansing 32 Tablets

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