DU IT Professional Skin Care

DU’IT was founded in 1998, thanks to the vision and passion of co-founders Pynith and Zina (husband and wife).
Back then Zina worked in hospitals and many of her patients suffered from dry cracked heels and foot skin conditions.
They tried many products but nothing helped them and that’s when Zina decided she could make a difference. Zina enlisted the help of her friend who formulated various skincare products to develop a treatment cream that would not only help people with general skin problems but also target people with Diabetes.
About DU'IT image showcasing 'Green', natural attributes, with couple holding hands emphasising core value of 'togetherness'
DU'IT brand was started from a home office in a garage by co-founder Zina Richter.
After months of trial and error, working with pharmacists and specialists – Zina & Pynith came up with the perfect product that they then tried on family and friends. They were so thrilled with the great results and received positive feedback from everyone. That’s when DU’IT Foot & Heel Balm was born.
Pynith and Zina believed passionately in their products and decided to give up their respective careers to work whole heartedly promoting their new product to pharmacies nationally and hospitals to help as many people as they could.
“We started the business in our home garage and spent the first five years packing boxes, calling on retail stores, doing face-to-face promos and celebrating every time an order came through.
It was slow and hard going at first and everyone was roped in to help, from the children to the grandparents, but they were always optimistic that their passion and vision for formulating unsurpassed quality products would eventually pay off.”
DU’IT is the result of extensive research, advances in science and rigorous testing over many years. They use only the finest ingredients from naturally derived and easily renewable resources.

DU IT Foot & Heel Balm Plus 50g

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