Clinicians' Beginning:
In 1997 two pharmacists, Mike Cushman and Denis Kay, came to believe that the pharmaceutical model that relied heavily on medicated solutions to health was limited. They researched both general and specific conditions to understand their causes and the key drivers that triggered imbalances. Along with this they looked at the impact modern medicines have on body processes and how they contribute to imbalances. The result of this research formed the Clinicians brand and the beginning of what is now an extensive range of scientifically validated nutritional supplements.
Clinicians' Team:
The team at Clinicians have a wealth of professional healthcare knowledge, covering the fields of nutrition, medicine, biochemistry and pharmaceutical science. This expertise helps Clinicians consistently deliver product with high quality ingredients, while focusing on condition-specific natural health solutions. The range includes many supplements that “work with medicine”.
Clinician' Products:
Clinicians is committed to health and nutritional support, providing high quality vitamins and mineral supplements, as well as innovative condition-specific natural supplement solutions.
Immunity & Allergens
Women’s Health
Everyday Health
Healthy Ageing
Sleep, Stress and Mood Support
Digestive Health
Joint and Bone Health
Healthcare Professional
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