In 1971 Hugh Price, Pharmacist of Nelson, NZ worked with Fishermen and Hunters of the West Coast, South Island to formulate a more effective Repellent as 40% Deet was NOT stopping the Legendary South Island Sandflies biting, Neither did Natural Oils either. A special 6 ingredient combination was formulated which worked!
In 1981, a special six ingredients combination was formulated which worked. The NZ Military switched to this combination formulation in 1980 and has not gone back to Deet alone (at any concentration). Hugh Price started supplying the New Zealand Military with Sunscreens, Camouflage paints, also the mosquito net chemical packs.
In 2002 Pharmacist Julian Price upgraded the formulation and made an excellent Burn Cream and Bite treatment plus SPF 30 Sunscreen. Another upgrade occurred in 2009 and again in 2017 ensures Pharmexa manufactures the worlds best repellent against sandflies, blackflies and mosquitos worldwide.

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