Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme

Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme Herbal Relief Crème was developed almost 30 years ago in New Zealand by elite NZ Athlete, Madonna Harris and Herbal Chemist, Massage Therapist and Health Adviser Paul Jeffery. Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme was the first product of its kind in New Zealand and was a revolution in topical herbal rubs.
The brand:
Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme continues to be proudly made in New Zealand and is a favourite in many Kiwi Households. Anti-Flamme has a great range of products that are suitable for the whole family. It caters to the elite sportsperson and the “weekend warrior”, through to the sedentary and the mildly active.
Use it for:
Joint and muscle strains, sprains and niggles
Bumps and bruises

Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme Creme 450g


Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme Creme 45g


Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme Creme 90g


Nature's Kiss Arnica Cream 90g

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