AFT Pharmaceuticals develops, licenses, and sells a range of medical products globally. They believe that the key to improving people's health lies in innovation.
It’s pretty simple really, their vision is to develop innovative products that help people.
They do this by looking at healthcare needs, understanding how those needs are changing, and how they can provide treatment options that work.
Their success as a company has been built on seeing opportunities in areas that others have missed.
Their guiding principle is to do things better than they've have been done before. Whether it’s developing products with multiple-benefits, creating drug delivery devices that produce less discomfort for patients, or getting lower-cost drugs to people with rare diseases, they're always focused on improving the status quo.
This has allowed them to grow as a company, and crucially, to help meet the health needs of people in Australasia and in more recent years, around the globe.
Preventative daily use of HYLO CARE® eye drops keeps the surface of the eye well-moisturised and allows the cells in the cornea and conjunctiva to regenerate. HYLO CARE® eye drops are: For the daily moisturising and care of the eyes.

Hylo Forte Eye Drops 10ml

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