Founded in 2012 by Brad Rodger in Auckland New Zealand, Phoenix MedCare provides products to the healthcare sector that improve care options and deliver increased community wellbeing through leading technology, supply chain efficiency and innovation.
Their core focus is medical devices, diagnostic testing and pharmacy lines. Phoenix MedCare is a unique sales and marketing distribution partner for next-generation medical devices and over-the-counter solutions, as well as a developer of its own suite of products by partnering with the leading contract manufacturers from around the world in their specialist fields.
Phoenix MedCare is New Zealand's premium supplier for intimate health and family planning, its family planning range includes the EasyCheck Pregnancy Test Kits & SwimCount Sperm Quality Test. Trusted by pharmacists, doctors and hospitals, Phoenix MedCare's consumer care products are available now at HealthPorter NZ.
They are constantly developing new products and partnerships with a specific focus on tangible patient benefit.

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