All Life Company

Their mission is to sought and deliver the best natural New Zealand products to better the health of their customers.
All Life Company started in 2010 selling a number of health care products in a little store located in Manukau Mall, Auckland. Over the years they then discovered Wonder Tea an amazing native indigenous herbal tea with many healing properties. As Wonder Tea took off they then launched their online store and started selling Wonder Tea at small local cafes and pharmacies around Auckland.
Later on down the track we then uncovered Kaevado a concentrated facial oil-serum made of 100% extracted avocado oil with the finest molecules to deeply penetrate your skin. Avocado oil is well known for its anti-aging, strengthening and renewing properties on the skin surface. And of course they then launched Kaevado online and are selling in their facial serum at local massage shops and pharmacies in Auckland.
As they started selling both products online and in Thailand they’ve decided to sort more natural products in the market for their trusted customers. Now All Life Company distributes a variety of natural health and beauty products from herbal teas, facial serums, creams as well as supplements and honey. And they are still growing!

Kaevado Avocado Oil Serum 30ml

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